Covering the internet: an acculturation strategy for press of record?

Chloë Salles, doctoral student
Laboratoire GRESEC (71° section) – Université Grenoble 3 - France

Download paper here: SallesCoveringtheInternetfinal.pdf

This research is part of a wider doctoral study that focuses on the acculturation of the French paper of record Le Monde to the Internet and the technical devices it allows. The discourse produced about new technologies throughout the past twenty years is invoked in this study as an indicator of the changes occurred in the way technology has been considered...

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How Much Do You Trust Me? The Role of Trust and Innovation in Russian Journalism

Katerina Tsetsura & Vilma Luoma-aho, Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication
University of Oklahoma & Vinnova Stanford Research Center of Innovation Journalism, Stanford University

Download paper here: TsetsuraRussianInnovationdraft.pdf

Building on a theory of generalized trust, this paper discusses how trust enables institutions to function in any society by facilitating action. Traditional thinking is that the generalized trust in society allows an innovation ecosystem to prosper in countries with high levels of trust. But in regions and countries where generalized trust does not exist, innovative solutions are needed for a society to function...

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IT and Democracy: An analysis of the power of digital images to strengthen the public sphere and decision-making process

Larry Pryor, Annenberg School of Journalism, University of Southern California, Los Angeles

Download paper here: PryorITDemocracyDraft.pdf

Virtual Environments (VEs) open new possibilities for journalism. The advanced technology, which still resides mostly in laboratories, only requires adaptation and the imagination that can enable journalists to think with technology. The literature of VE theory shows the possibility exists to create alternative worlds that invite the public to share knowledge necessary for rational policy decisions. Our research has looked at using head-mounted displays to tell news stories, and we have worked with a multi-user 360° panoramic display...

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