Get in touch if you want to make a presentation, to suggest speakers or panelists, or if you have an idea for a conference activity or a social happening. We can not do everything at the conference, but are happy for all good suggestions and contacts with people who are willing to take part in making the conference into something extra.

If you are interested in sponsoring the conference, please get in touch with David Nordfors (nordfors @, +1-650-804-5184) or Alisa Weinstein (alisa @, +1-541-788-3223)

If you are a news media professional and would like to join us and share your experience in journalism and innovation or provide tips on speakers you would like to see at the conference, we would like to hear from you as soon as possible. Please send your ideas based on professional work experience to David Nordfors (nordfors @, Alisa Weinstein (alisa @, Erika Ingvald (+46-70-6517725) or Thomas Frostberg (thomas.frostberg @, +46-46-142300). Participants may present their own ideas at the conference or put together panel discussions on topics of importance.

If you are an innovation expert interested in contributing to the conference or pre-conference workshop on innovation journalism and public innovation policy, please get in touch with David Nordfors (nordfors @, +1-650-804-5184) or Jan Sandred (jan.sandred @, +46-8-4733216)

If you are a researcher read the following call for papers:

Call for Papers



MAY 22-23 2007


The Innovation Journalism Program at Stanford, run by the Stanford Center for Innovations in Learning and VINNOVA, invites you to The Fourth Conference on Innovation Journalism

The conference invites researchers to present work and ideas relating to the interplay of journalism and innovation ecosystems to increase our understanding of how:

  • Journalism plays a part in connecting innovation with public interests,
  • Innovation processes and innovation ecosystems interact with public attention via the media
  • Journalists cover innovation processes and innovation ecosystems
  • Incentives drive innovation journalism
  • News organizations may be organized to cover innovation processes and ecosystems

About the Event:

The Fourth Conference on Innovation Journalism is a gathering for professionals to discuss the intersection of journalism and innovation: how innovation is changing the business of journalism, how reporters should cover innovation in the news, and how innovation interacts with society. Target participants for the conference include journalists, professionals connected to the media industry, students, and researchers.

Please check the conference main web page for more information about the conference and its main themes

The deadline for submission of abstracts (500 words) is February 8, 2007. You will be informed whether your abstract is accepted by March 1, 2007. The deadline for full papers (maximum 20 pages) is May 1, 2007.

Please send abstracts to: Turo Uskali (tuskali @

Background Material: The Previous Conference

Here is the documentation from The Third Conference on Innovation Journalism (2006):

Best Regards,

Turo Uskali, Editor, Academic Papers
David Nordfors, Conference Chair