INNOVATION JOURNALISM is a journal for developing the concept and community of Innovation Journalism.

What is Innovation Journalism?

Innovation Journalism (InJo) is journalism covering innovation. It covers innovation processes and innovation (eco)systems.

Traditional newsbeats - like business, technology, science and political journalism – look only at certain aspects of innovation processes and ecosystems. Innovation is treated as a topic within each beat, and the bigger picture is chopped up to fit into a specific news slot, usually technology or business journalism.

The concept of Innovation Journalism was coined in 2003 by Nordfors. For Innovation Journalism the process of innovation itself is the central concept, treating business, technology, politics etc. as nested components of a news story. In terms of traditional newsbeats, InJo is multidisciplinary. It is a 'horizontal' beat, spanning across the old beats, reporting on innovation processes and innovation ecosystems.

InJo identifies and reports on key issues in the innovation ecosystems, such as the most important emerging concepts, the interaction between the main actors, or what is happening in innovation value chains. It spans themes such as science and technology trends, intellectual property, finance, standardization, industrial production processes, marketing of new technologies, business models, politics, cultural trends, social impacts, and more.

InJo can also be applied within traditional newsbeats as a mindset for journalists who wish to improve their reporting on the future of technology, of business, of politics or other traditional themes.

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Editorial Staff

David Nordfors, Founder and Editor, Senior Research Scholar– Innovation Journalism, SCIL, Wallenberg Hall, Stanford University; Special Adviser to the Director General, Program Leader Innovation Journalism, VINNOVA – Swedish Government Agency for Innovation Systems. Phone:+1(650) 804-5184, Email: dn @


Alisa Weinstein, Associate Editor, Phone: +1(541)788-3223, Email: alisa @

Turo Uskali, Associate Editor, Email: turo.uskali @

Innovation Journalism Fellows

(affiliation at time of fellowship)

Jyrki Alkio, Journalist, Helsingin Sanomat, Finland, 2006

Marie Alpman, Innovation Editor, Ny Teknik, Sweden, 2007

Erik Amcoff, Journalist, Affärsvärlden,Sweden, 2006

Patrick Baltatzis, Journalist, Entreprenör, Sweden, 2006

Eva Barkeman, Science Editor, Aftonbladet, Sweden, 2006

Tina Magnergård-Bjers, Reporter, TT, Sweden, 2007

Johan Boström, News Desk Editor, Göteborgsposten, Sweden, 2005

AndreasCervenka, News andFeature Editor, Affärsvärlden, Sweden, 2005

Adam Edström, Editor-in-Chief, Elektroniktidningen, Sweden, 2004

SaidaFazal, ResidentEditor, Business Recorder, Pakistan, 2007

Birgitta Forsberg, Journalist,Veckans Affärer, Sweden, 2005

Thomas Frostberg, Editor-in-Chief, Rapidus, Sweden, 2006

AndersFrick, FreelanceWriter representing Ny Teknik, Sweden, 2007

Marie Granmar, Editor-in-Chief, Process Nordic, Scandinavia, 2005

Patric Hadenius, Editor, Forskning & Framsteg, Sweden, 2004

Zamir Haider, Senior Reporter/Producer/Anchor, AAJ TV, Pakistan, 2007

Ralph Hermansson, Journalist, Riksdag & Departement, Sweden, 2007

Magnus Höij, Feature Editor, Computer Sweden, 2004

Erika Ingvald, Journalist,Elektroniktidningen, Sweden, 2006

Niklas Johansson, Journalist,Veckans Affärer, Sweden, 2005

Johan Jörgensen, Journalist,Affärsvärlden, Sweden, 2004

AndersLotsson,Journalist, Computer Sweden, 2005

Marcus Lillkvist, Reporter,Västerbottens-Kuriren, Sweden, 2004

Ilkka Luukkonen, Journalist,Maaseudun Tulevaisuus, Finland 2007

Miriam Olsson, Journalist,Goteborgsposten, Sweden 2007

JanSandred, FounderBiotechSweden, Sweden, 2004

Amanda Termén, Journalist,Göteborgstidningen, Sweden, 2006

Innovation Journalism Editorial Board

Eric Auchard, Chief Technology Correspondent, Reuters (Global), US

John Cokley, Lecturer, School of Journ. and Comm.., U. of Queensland, AU

Robert Friedman, International Editor, Fortune Magazine, US

Elizabeth Heichler, Editor-in-Chief, IDG News Service (Global), US

John Joss

Shlomo Maital, Prof.Technion and MIT, Editor, International Journal of Technology and Innovation Management Education, Israel.

Tony Perkins, Founder and Editor, AlwaysOn Network, US

Francis Pisani, Tech.Columnist, El Pais(Sp), Le Monde(Fr), Reforma(Mx)

Howard Rheingold

Wade Roush, Senior Editor, W.Coast Bur.Chief, Technology Review, US

Weje Sandén, Editor-in-Chief, VeckansAffärer, SE

Fred Turner, Asst.Prof.and Director of Undergraduate Studies, Dept. of Communication, Stanford University, US

Innovation Journalism Advisory Board

VioletaBulc, Founder &CEO, Vibacom, Slovenia

Vinton G. Cerf, Chief Internet Evangelist, Google; Chairman ICANN, US

Whitfield Diffie, Sun Fellow, VP, CSO, Sun Microsystems, US

Per Eriksson, Director General, VINNOVA, SE

Stig Hagström, Prof., Co-Director, SCIL, Stanford University, US

Richard Horning, Principal, Fish & Richardson P.C., US

Ellen Levy, Managing Director at Silicon Valley Connect, US

Francis Mann-Craik, President, Addison Marketing, US

Seppo Sissättö, Director, Tampere e-Global Conference, FI

Mats Svegfors, Governor of Västmanland, fmr Editor-in-Chief SvD, SE

Charles Wessner, Program Director, Innovation, National Academies, US

Patrick Windham, Lecturer in Technology Policy, Stanford University, US

Richard Zare, Chair, Prof. Natural Science, Stanford University, US

Jacob Ziv, Prof. EE Technion University; President Emeritus, Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities.